Rescue has been set up to re-home Otterhounds when their current owner has a change in circumstance and can no longer keep their pet.

This can be due to several reasons; divorce, sickness, financial difficulties, or bereavement etc.

When buying an Otterhound from a breeder, as part of the contract of sale both parties (breeder and purchaser) are asked to agree the terms and conditions of the contract stating that if for any reason the purchaser is not able to keep their Otterhound then, as a first opinion, the hound must be offered back to the breeder.

(This is done to prevent hounds from being passed-on to unsuitable homes, because not everyone who is a suitable dog owner would be a suitable Otterhound owner!)

When this isn’t possible I should be contacted and Otterhound Rescue steps-in, with a group of coordinated, knowledgeable volunteers, who are dispersed throughout the UK. All are experienced Otterhound owners and are ready to help with transporting hounds to be re-homed. Distance is never a problem, nor is the time of day.

We do get calls from Animal Rescue Shelters who think they might have an Otterhound and we always check these out even if it means someone driving hundreds of miles.

People shouldn’t consider themselves a failure if they have to put a hound into Rescue. It is the kindest thing they can do if real difficulties arise in their family and/or personal circumstances. It is also the best thing for the Otterhound in question. The process is quite simple and straightforward. The hound’s needs are paramount and the new home is chosen with great care and attention to its requirements.. Please contact the Rescue Coordinators at the numbers below.

Rescue Coordinator:
Mrs. Helen Hacking
Tel: 0151 3426290